Readings Of Context

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Readings Of Context
Conceptual Publication Design

Readings Of Context, is a collection of texts and images printed onto fabric to examine how communication is influenced by the environment and context it is consumed in. Unlike rigid classic types of publication, Readings Of Context, allows for different interpretations and “readings” of the content, due to it’s malleable nature. Readings Of Context, is an expansion of the discussions in a previous studio piece of mine, The Bread Book which looks at the fermentation of text and the life text lives outside of its writer/designers/publishers initial/ initial intended purpose. This idea is furthered through challenging designs attempts at streamlining interpretation and communication. Using the writings of artist and ancient history student Chaya Kasif, spiritual teacher Mooji and designer Bruno Munari as research, Readings Of Context, becomes an interactive encouragement of misinterpretation.

Exhibited in Handle with Care - RMIT Communication Design Grad Show 2019.